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Are you considering any of these? Hamatora, M3: Sono Kuroki Hagane, Majimoji Rurumo, Jinsei, and Prisma Illya season 2?

Yes trolololololol

Dear Sentai, do you have any plans to start including reversible covers for your DVD & Blu-ray releases anytime soon?

That’s something that we’ve talked about in the past, so it’s definitely somewhere in the Sentai Hivemind. :)

This desk is probably the most anime desk in the office…and probably in existence! How many shows can you name?

This desk is probably the most anime desk in the office…and probably in existence! How many shows can you name?

Will Infinite Stratos 2 blu-ray be coming out this year, or next year?

Probably next year.

First I need to say THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for dubbing and releasing Problem Children Are Coming From Another World, Aren't They on Blu ray and DVD. I was literally jumping for joy when that was announced! So my questions are, what caused you to chose this title to dub? Also, I learned that you guys managed to get the right for No game No Life. When could we be expecting a release date for that? Thank you so much once again for bringing over Problem Children!

Problem Children was a show that we had a lot of confidence in, judging from the numbers, and since many of us around the office really enjoyed it the first time around, it was an easy decision to make. No Game, No Life was also one of those shows that we couldn’t get enough uf, haha. As for a release date, it’s still way too early to tell, as it just finished airing. It’s a very special show for us though, FYI. :)

Can you confirm if the Queen's Blade OVAs you guys are releasing in December will retain the dub cast like your release of Rebellion last year did?

We always try to retain continuity when at all feasible, so there’s a good chance that QB Beautiful Warriors will be treated the same way. As always, cross those fingers. :)

Is Engaged to the Unidentified looking for a dubbed or subbed release at the moment?

No word at the moment on Engaged.

Awesome job on getting Black God -The Animation! Can't wait to pick it up! Thanks for contributing a bunch to the anime industry and allowing us to help you support it. As a question, might it be possible to get 'Another Epilogue' short included in your Angel Beats set?

Thanks, we love hearing that you guys enjoy what we do. :) If we ever do a Box Set for Angel Beats! then we will take a look at anything that we may not already have. :)

will the outbreak company release be bluray and dvd at the same time or will the dvd be released first?

Right now it looks to be both at once.

Since you're answering questions at the moment...♡ You've been giving female fans a lot of reasons to spend money lately (I've already placed my order for Diabolik Lovers!) and I was wondering whether there was any chance at all at looking at the older series Meine Liebe one day? It's one I'd love to add to my collection thanks to the great Japanese voice cast and designs even if it's a little old now. Please consider it :)

Hi! That’s great, we hope you enjoy Diabolik Lovers, we certainly enjoyed it at the cheese level here in the office haah. Wow, I haven’t heard someone mention Meine Liebe in quite a while! Right now I’m not so sure about it, but hey, it’s in the Sentai hivemind now! :O